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Buses, Sweetwater and a sit down with the Mayoral candidates.

Posted by alalto on July 27, 2008

Decatur City Schools has approved expanding the current bus systems from 17 routes to 27 routes.  This will enable the busing system to encompass the entire system and allow full busing for all students.

The Daily recently sat down with mayoral candidates Don Kyle and Don Standford.  Both candidates talked about things like energy issues, citizen complaints, and Calhoun’s venture to locate an arts program downtown.  Both candidate’s answers were almost exactly the same, and both seemed like genuinely good candidates, but I’m still partial to Don Kyle. 

Some things I found interesting in the interview with the candidates was the mention of the downtown redevelopment proposals and some road construction proposals.  The downtown redevelopment was what I most enjoyed.  They both expect to have lower Bank Street redevelopment started in fiscal 2009 (if funding is available) and 2nd Avenue started in fiscal 2010.  2nd Avenue would be the most expensive at around $1.2 Million and Bank Street would be the least  at $874,000.  The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee has already given $350,000 to the 2nd Avenue cause and local businesses have amassed some $112,000. 

As for road construction, there was mention of a proposed connector of Auburn Drive and Modaus Road in Southwestern Decatur.  This was interesting to hear, cause I’d NEVER heard of it.  There weren’t any details really offered at all.  But, it definitely sounds like a good proposal that would encourage a lot of residential growth in the Cedar Ridge area.

Finally, after 4 months, the city council is set to vote on whether or not to approve a contract with Genesis USA for the Sweetwater development.  If approved, Genesis would develop the first planned phase (125 acres) of the 536 acre property at the corner of Alabama 20 and I-65.  Sweetwater is to contain a Bass Pro Shops.  Genesis USA has yet to formalize a deal with any hotel developmer, which is key to repaying the debt that the city of Decatur would incure by offereing incentives to Genesis.


One Response to “Buses, Sweetwater and a sit down with the Mayoral candidates.”

  1. EVC Green said

    Both mayoral candidates Don Kyle and Don Standford may be OK, but both are just OK.

    Neither has strong leadership or vision. Don Kyle did not pull Sweetwater together. The land owner and developer have the $$$ interest and vision.
    Someone in Decatur should put a write-in candidate forth and use the youth txt msg resource to get their older friends and family to mass the effort. A person like Lloyd Philpott who has spent a lot of his money and time on efforts to help Decatur become a leader in high technology that should focus on its industrial history and ties to Huntsville/Madison high technology progress. Before he moved to Decatur, he coined the name Intergraph and led its design program to a world class award winning part of the company’s high profit success. Years ago, he tried to get the leaders of Decatur to move to the front of GIS. It took them years to do what they could have done in six months. He is also responsible for bringing many fantastic designers to North Alabama, many who live in Decatur. And, almost everything he has done for Decatur, he has done in the background. Or, maybe someone knows a better person. In today’s eWorld, Decatur does not have to settle for either Don.

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