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Live Decatur!!!!

Posted by alalto on August 4, 2008

Live Beautifully!!!!

Live Safely!!!!

Live Progressively!!!!

And most of all,

Live Proudly!!!!

That is my new campaign to try and make residents of the City of Decatur take pride in their city.  It’s not a rhyming, annoying, generic phrase and I think it’s pretty memorable.  It’s easy to think about, and there are so many ways you can use it.  It’s very versatile. 

I think that this has A LOT of potential.  Most cities just come up with some kinda slogan to advertise for people to visit.  This is different, it is advertising for people INSIDE the city to finally give input, speak up, and have more pride in THEIR city. 

I really hope I can get some support with this.


One Response to “Live Decatur!!!!”

  1. Jason said

    Decatur has a lot going for it. No doubt!

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