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Optimism has left the building…

Posted by alalto on August 27, 2008

Get ready Decatur. These next few years are gonna be ROUGH. I am extremely disappointed that Don Stanford one the race. Right when Don Kyle’s administration was starting to have some vision, and I was actually starting to have some faith in him, this happens… I can’t believe this is happening…

I don’t know what’s going to happen to the city. I can’t even begin to guess. Anything. All I know is that this man does not have the same vision for the city that Don Kyle, and his administration, were starting to develop. They were starting to realize the importance of redevelopment of downtown. They were starting to realize the importance of Northside (Northern reaches of the city limits) Development.

Ahhhh, this man is a cook I swear. He says that the city has already borrowed enough money, which means Sweetwater is good as dead. I don’t understand why he thinks that. I thought that the city has a near perfect credit score because it never borrows money.

The city was heading in a great direction. I think that’s probably over now. The bad thing is that in Decatur the transition between mayors usually takes about 6 months.

Thankfully though, Hartselle is keeping it’s current mayor. So that’s some good news. As far as I know, he’s been doing a pretty good job. Though, I’d like to see some more downtown redevelopment in Hartselle.

Some more good news is that Priceville is also keeping their mayor, Melvin Duran.

Yea, can you say stagnate? I welcome any and all responses I’ll do my best to get to them and reply in posts.

PS: Grazie Oogaboga, haha, I tend to mess up my grammar when I rant….


3 Responses to “Optimism has left the building…”

  1. Oogaboga said

    Type in haste; regret at leisure.
    “dissappointed” – just one “s”
    “one the race” – won the race
    “I don’t know what’s going to the city.” – Did you mean “going to HAPPEN to the city?”
    “I can even begin to guess.” – Did you mean “I CAN’T even begin to guess”?
    “They were starting to realize the importance Northside…” – Did you mean “the importance OF Northside”?
    “Ahhhh, this man is a cook I swear.” – Did you mean a “crook?” Be careful what you write. Don’t libel anyone.
    Other than that, I have to agree with you. Once again, Decatur will stall in indecisionand fall behind Madison and Huntsville. Don Kyle took almost 2 years to learn the ropes and begin to get anything done. From what Don Stanford has said in his campaign, it will take him at least that long to do the same, but with a lot less financial education and experience from which to draw.

    And Decatur will lose yet more residents to surrounding cities.
    One bright note – the election of Donnie Lane to the school board. Donnie is a smart businessman. I look forward to him bringing good things to the table.

  2. BillyD said

    You answered your own question with “starting to have some vision,” “starting to develop,” “starting to realize the importance of redevelopment.” If Kyle was such a great leader why did it take him four years to just get to “starting” to do something? That mindset has to go. I think Stanford will be a great for Decatur and apparently so does the majority of voters.

  3. Matt P said

    I would have to agree with Billy D. If Mr. Kyle was so great why was he just now STARTING to get a clue, and from the original post, one would assume that you are from Hartselle. Why in the world do you care what happens here in decatur. You need to worry about your city, It seems to me that the citizens of Decatur have spoken, and you can’t change that.

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