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Some of my opinions…

Posted by alalto on August 31, 2008

Ok, so, to reply to some of the comments I’ve gotten lately.

I do live in Decatur. I live in the Brookmeade area in SE Decatur. I’ve lived in Decatur all but one year of my life. I attended Eastwood, Oak Park, and Decatur High. I am a very proud citizen of Decatur.

That being said, I’d like to clarify something. I know I seem very pessimistic about Don Stanford, and I apologize for that. I shouldn’t have used the title “Optimism has left the building…”. I actually am optimistic that Don Stanford can do a good job, and I intend to support him in most everything he does. That is, so long as the things he is doing are things that I think will benefit the city.

It’s the same thing with the presidential race. I am a conservative, but if a liberal were to be elected, I would support them to make the right decision. No matter who wins elections, they deserve respect and support. Because without either of those, we can never expect them to do a good job. Bud Cramer was one of those politicians that had both respect and support from his citizens, and I think we all know how well that worked.

Yea, I realize that it was bad that Don Kyle was just STARTING to have a vision, but I believe that since I was not old enough to vote in that election when he was elected, it’s better late than never.

Again, I do apologize. I do not hate Don Stanford, nor do I wish for him to be unsuccessful. For, if he is unsuccessful, the Decatur would not be the winner. I think you all know that I want Decatur to be the winner.

I also apologize for any spelling mistakes that I make. Haha, I just got home from Atlanta from the Alabama v Clemson game. Needless to say, I’m exhausted after having marched a halftime show and blowing my lungs out, and screaming at the top of my lungs.

Have a good day. It’s likely I won’t be waking up for about 12 hours…


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