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To answer a question

Posted by alalto on October 8, 2008

There was a question about whether or not I have heard about funding for Point Mallard.

I have not heard about anything as of yet… Unfortunately, there’s no telling if we’ll ever see that money. Unfortunately, the time it takes to switch mayors will drown out the voices of the proponents that want this money. *sighs* Sadly, the bigest advocate for this project would usually be the mayor and the parks director. But, oddly our new mayor likely does not share the same vision as Don Kyle did. I’m sure Stanford has a great vision, but my vision for the city matched more closely to Don Kyle’s.


One Response to “To answer a question”

  1. usadoug said

    It would be a shame to drop the ball since we have a parks director that is trying to “git er done”. Look at the face lift he has done with all the parks in Decatur including Ingalls. Between Jeff Dunlap (Parks) and Linda Eubanks (Beautification) we have a clean city with nice parks that we should all be proud of, but it takes money to keep the ball rolling. People are coming from all over the country to stay and use our facilities.


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