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Posted by alalto on May 23, 2009

Yea, I couldn’t come up with a creative name for this post…

Anyways, anyone know what is going on at the corner of 14th Street and Central Parkway??? I know that there’s obviously a shopping center being built, per the sign out there. But, I never heard any mention of this in the paper or anything. Of course, I’m sure that if I had been reading the council meeting minutes, I’d know, but still…

Other stuff, the Jubilee is in town! I’m hoping that this isn’t a down year, because the city really needs a good tourism year to help make up some deficits that it’s facing.

There really isn’t anything else going on, so, I’ll let everyone go!

OH! We now have our THIRD member on the forum!!!!!! I know, it’s just three, but it’s better than just one or two! Anyways, we need more people to join it so that we can actually start having conversations on it, so it might become interesting! So, here’s the link to it! Go join!

LiveDecatur!!!! Forum


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