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We Gots A Lot To Report

Posted by alalto on June 26, 2009

We have a good edition of the Decatur Daily today! Yay!


First, we have some sad news. Delphi will be closing soon. My mother worked there for years, so we’re all sad to see it go. Though, I think that some good can come out of this. Now that the building is going to be vacant, the area has some prime real estate. The robotics center is being built right next door, which I hope to visit to photograph soon and report on the progress, so you have to think that some company that utilizes that thing is gonna want somewhere nearby to use also. Those buildings are massive, and can support some big operations. While many people, including some family friends, have worked there, there is bound to be a hi tech company that is going to be looking at that place now. I imagine that it could happen quickly too.

Next, we move downtown. Peoples Bank of North Alabama will take up shop in the old AmSouth Building. This is some GREAT news. This building has had a lot of empty space ever since the Regions/AmSouth merger. This is good on many levels. Not only do we get another tenant downtown, we get more business and money flowing through downtown, more people in downtown spending money thus stimulating the downtown economy, and we get someone in there who might actually make the building look presentable.

The city of Decatur has been rumored to be interested in buying the building, that was built in the 80s. I don’t know why they would want to do this. Part of me wants to believe that they want it because it’s currently an eyesore and they wanna make it look better. But, of course, it is across the street from city hall, and they could need some extra office space. Maybe this could be part of the downtown revitalization? Maybe they’ll renovate it and put some street level retail in there, that would be really nice. Maybe it could be part of the downtown arts college. It could contain some extra classroom space. Though, that would be pretty difficult to work out. Either way, they better have a good reason for wanting to spend so much money on this thing. Anyways.

Next, we have Bradley Byrne talking to the Decatur Daily. Obviously, he was trying to score some points for his campaign for governor, but either way, it made me happy. He says that the downtown arts campus and things associated with the robotics park would be a high priority if he became governor. And really, I tend to believe that he would make it a priority. I think he is the right person we need to fix our education system, so it would make sense that he would want to show other schools in the state what can happen when two colleges work together to improve education. Also, one of his platforms is a focus on technology. I also believe that the robotics park would be a priority because, obviously, hi tech industry is the future of this state. Plus, the park is going to put the state on the map. I really believe him because we have a HUGE opportunity to be successful with this park. When companies get done utilizing this facility, they’ll want somewhere close by, and RIGHT THERE is the Delphi campus. It could easily be converted into a hi tech research park. The state already owns part of it, and I don’t think the guys in Montgomery would mind working something out with a hi tech company. Just sayin… I get giddy just thinking about it.

So, that’s pretty much it for today. Don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook! The link is below. Also, don’t forget about the forum!


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