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Posted by alalto on August 27, 2009

There has been a lot of talk about possibly changing the form of Decatur’s city government into a “manager-council” government, instead of the “mayor-council” government which we have now.

The difference is this. Instead of having the mayor and council take care of the day to day city operations, a manager would be selected (under intense scrutiny) by the city council. The manager would take care of day to day operations.

Some notable cities with a “manager-council” government are Greenville, SC; Brentwood, TN; Dallas, TX;

The mayor position would basically become a ceremonial position, with little power. I am personally a fan of this form of government. But, it isn’t my opinion that matters when it comes down to it. It is what the entire city wants that matters. So, I am asking everyone to sign this petition and drop it by “Forever Flying Kites” on Spring Avenue, or mail it in. Signing this petition will not instantly change the government. It will simply force the city to have a vote on this idea in 2010.

Please at least consider it:

Petition Link


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