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Live Decatur!!!!

Posted by alalto on August 4, 2008

Live Beautifully!!!!

Live Safely!!!!

Live Progressively!!!!

And most of all,

Live Proudly!!!!

That is my new campaign to try and make residents of the City of Decatur take pride in their city.  It’s not a rhyming, annoying, generic phrase and I think it’s pretty memorable.  It’s easy to think about, and there are so many ways you can use it.  It’s very versatile. 

I think that this has A LOT of potential.  Most cities just come up with some kinda slogan to advertise for people to visit.  This is different, it is advertising for people INSIDE the city to finally give input, speak up, and have more pride in THEIR city. 

I really hope I can get some support with this.


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Celebration Arena sale is crumbling…

Posted by alalto on August 3, 2008

Yay!  This blog was listed as a Top Blog on August 1st 2008 under the Growing Blogs.

So, apprently Celebration Arena (out in Priceville) that was supposed to be sold to these Chase people for some development is kinda in a bad spot.  The Chase people have some kinda problem with making these payments for the arena and the current owners are considering selling it to somebody else if the Chase people don’t step up.

I don’t care who buys it as long as they develop it into something nice.  It’s definitely no where near where it was when it was in it’s former glory.  Maybe, something can be worked out.

Please, everyone, can we stop bashing Decatur and complaining about how it’s so awful here and start doing something about it?  I’d like to see something good happen, and that’s never gonna come to fruition if people don’t start talking to other people that can actually do something about it. 

If you have an idea, a worry, a complaint, or just want to make a statement, get in touch with your councilman!!  The council’s purpose to represent the citizens, and do their best to make the city better, mostly based on how the city wants it.  Obviously, that isn’t how it’s been working.  So, let’s change that!  I’m sure everyone that reads this blog that actually has something to do with Decatur has some kind of idea or statement they would like to be known by the council. 

I think we could really make a big statement by all sending the councilmen e-mails and letters.  If they are as pro-Decatur as they say they are, they’ll listen and take what you have to say into consideration.  So, please, have pride in your city and get off your butt and do something about IT!

I think I’ll come up with some kinda catchy slogan and post it in the next update.  Maybe people will remember it and actually start doing something…

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