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Posted by alalto on August 27, 2009

There has been a lot of talk about possibly changing the form of Decatur’s city government into a “manager-council” government, instead of the “mayor-council” government which we have now.

The difference is this. Instead of having the mayor and council take care of the day to day city operations, a manager would be selected (under intense scrutiny) by the city council. The manager would take care of day to day operations.

Some notable cities with a “manager-council” government are Greenville, SC; Brentwood, TN; Dallas, TX;

The mayor position would basically become a ceremonial position, with little power. I am personally a fan of this form of government. But, it isn’t my opinion that matters when it comes down to it. It is what the entire city wants that matters. So, I am asking everyone to sign this petition and drop it by “Forever Flying Kites” on Spring Avenue, or mail it in. Signing this petition will not instantly change the government. It will simply force the city to have a vote on this idea in 2010.

Please at least consider it:

Petition Link


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More about District 2 race and Bama gets a B

Posted by alalto on August 5, 2008

Some interesting things in this article.  When asked about whether or not they would support current council president Billy Jackson (District 1) for another term of president, David Bolding raised some interesting points.  They weren’t specifically about a council president though.

He proposed demoting the position of mayor to a part time position and giving it a salary that is about equal to the current city council salary of $15,071, random number…  Anyways, He says that the former money used for the mayor’s salary ($100,480) should be put towards hiring a well qualified city manager to deal with all the budget issues and such.  I’m a fan of the idea of a city manager, these have been shown to be very effective in other cities.  Greenville, SC has a city manager if I’m not mistaken.  Vestavia Hills, AL has proposed it too I believe. 

The problem with the whole proposition of the city manager position is that I like Don Kyle, and I don’t wanna do him any wrong by paying him less.  Either way, I support David Bolding for the District 2 position.  He’s convinced me that he’s the man for the job.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read the Daily’s articles that have all these question in them for the candidates.  They’re actually quite interesting.

In other news, the State of Alabama gets a B overall in the No Child Left Behind junk.  Three schools in Decatur did not make the cut, Austin High, Brookhaven Middle, and Decatur High.  The high schools have been hitting a rough spot lately, and Brookhaven regularly is on these lists.  Hartselle Schools met all their goals, as did all in Lawrence County except for RA Hubbard and Hazelwood.  Morgan County schools also did great. 

It was a pretty good day for Decatur Metro Area schools.  These results don’t sound good, but they’re an improvement over last year.  Looking at the high, middle, and elementary school details in the articles, I noticed that there is a wave of improved student scores coming up from the elementary schools and it looks to be pretty strong.  Looks like it’ll hold on through once the first few classes come through.

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