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A New Post!!

Posted by alalto on September 24, 2008

Wow, a new post!? I’m sorry, until today there really hasn’t been anything worth mentioning in the paper.

So, there’s some maintenance work on Alabama 67 all the way to Somerville goin on. I’m not sure if this is related to the approved widening of 67 all the way to the Somerville. Of course, the US 31 maintenance is still goin on. Beltline work is almost finished too.

The Decatur Planning Commission made it look like there was no economic downturn whatsoever in the area the other day. The commission approved plats of land for residential development.

* 26 condo units in Westmead

* Preliminary layout to construct 43 single-family residential lots at Country Living Estates, north of Vaughn Bridge Road and east of Byrd Vest Road, in the city’s planning jurisdiction.

* Preliminary layout to construct 36 single-family residential lots at the Cedar Grove subdivision, south of Newport Drive and west of Kensington Way Southwest.

* Final layout to construct 21 patio homes at the Crowne Point subdivision, south of Ben Poole Road and west of Jade Point Southeast.

So, all in all, I have a conservative estimate of about 323 new residents to the area with these units. That’s assuming that all current demographics remain constant.

In tourism news, the city collected $841,966 in lodging taxes. A 9% increase of the last fiscal year.


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District 2 race, MorgCo Health Department, and school board elections

Posted by alalto on August 3, 2008

There are five men seeking the seat of the city council District 2.   Of all of them, I did not see a GREAT candidate other than incumbent David Bolding and an unexpected visionary by the name of Jack Gresseman.  The others were less than impressive and seemed to steer away from being partisan on the questions that were asked.  Surprisingly, Gresseman only has a high school diploma and works at the Target Distribution Center in Limestone County.  

I was impressed with Gresseman’s answers though.  He had some pretty good things to say.  He proposed building up entertainment venues in the Sweetwater area of Decatur and constructing a sky lift between Sweetwater and Point Mallard.  That is something that could be really successful IMO.  I remember going to Point Mallard as a little kid and when we were finished swimming, we ALWAYS wanted to go get ice cream.  I have a feeling that a lot of people still feel this way, so people could just hop on the sky lift and head to Sweetwater and maybe go to Coldstone or Marble Slab.  I think it’s an AMAZING idea.

I liked Gresseman, Bolding, and James Tardy’s ideas about downtown redevelopment the best.  Gresseman proposed attracting more bars and eateries downtown to create more foot traffic.  Bolding discusses bringing more employees and students in, which I think is the key to a downtown’s success these days.  And Tardy is a business owner on 2nd Avenue, so I think his insight would be invaluable.

The MorgCo Commission is entering the hunt to aid the MorgCo Health Department find land for a new facility.  Sites being looked at are the Wallace Center on US 31 S in Decatur, sites in Hartselle, and a site along Old Moulton Road, in Moulton Heights, just outside the Decatur city limits.  

I think the Old Moulton Road site would be best.  The property is just outside of Decatur, and the annexation of this property for the health department would aid in annexation processes of the Moulton Heights area, which is a large and moderately populated area of Morgan County that is almost completely surrounded by the city of Decatur.  

District 1 race candidates are making dropouts and a central high school their number 1 platforms.  Mainly discussed was the idea of a central high school.  Personally I like the idea, but the costs would be enormous and there is really no where inside the city where you could build one.  Maybe along Central Parkway, but that’s only if you tear down Decatur Utilities.  Other proposals were to add floors to proposed future buildings at Austin High and adding a third floor to Decatur.  Both of those ideas are the best IMO.  One of the candidates even suggested tearing down Ogle Stadium.  That would be nothing short of pure stupidity.  There’s too much tradition in that stadium.  

Wow, that was a long post.  I still haven’t come up with that catchy slogan, I promise I’ll get back to yah.

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